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João da Silva
Dr. Gustavo Giordani, Guto, is a specialist in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology, with a postgraduate degree in Periodontics and Implantology. 

Deepened his knowledge at a Fellowship International in the areas of Periodontal and Peri-implant Plastic Surgery in Antwerp / Belgium with Dr. Eric Van Dooren. 

With national and international scientific publications, he is considered one of the most important names in contemporary Periodontics and Implantodontics. 

He travels the world sharing knowledge at the most important congresses and doing cases with the greatest names in Dentistry.

Dr. Gustavo Giordani CRO-SP 94427

João da Silva
 M1- Gummy Smile - Aesthetic Crown-lengthening.
M1.1 – Gummy Smile - diagnosis and treatments
M1.2 – The importance of tissue phenotypes
M1.3 – Flap or flapless technique?
M1.4 – Crown-lengthening Surgical Planning
M1.5 – Surgical technique step by step
M1.6- Suture Technique
M1.7- Pre, Simultaneous or After
M1.8 - Hands-On: Gummy Smile - Aesthetic Crown-lengthening
João da Silva
 M2 - Root Coverage and Gingival grafts 
M2.1 – Connective Tissue Donor Area
M2.2 – Donor Area Techniques
M2.3 – Complications in Donor Area
M2.4 – Etiology and Classification of Gingival Recessions
M2.5 – Modified Envelope and Tunnel Technique
M2.6 – Recessions above 4,0 mm
M2.7 – Non-Carious Cervical Lesion and Gingival Recession
M2.8 – Gingival Substitutes and Biological Modulators
M2.9 – Hands-On: Linear Technique
M2.10 – Hands-On: De-epithelialized Free Gingival Graft
M2.11 – Hands-On: Tunneling Technique
M2.12 – Hands-On: Zucchelli Technique
João da Silva
 M3 - Immediate Implants in Aesthetic Zone  
M3.1 – Immediate Implant Indications
M3.2 – Socket Preservation Technique
M3.3 – Immediate Implant step by step (part I)
M3.4 - Immediate Implant step by step (part II)
M3.5 - Immediate Implant step by step (part III)
M3.6 - Immediate Implant step by step (part IV)
M3.7 – Installed Implants: decision making process
M3.8 – Installed Implants: Clinical Cases
M3.9 – Hands-On: Immediate Implants in Aesthetic Zone

What great professionals say about Guto: 

Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Dr. Eric Van Dooren
"When i met Dr Gustavo Giordani for the first time in Atelie Oral more than 10 years ago , I had young boy in front of me that had an unbelievable will to succeed in becoming one of the best surgeons in the world. 
He had the capacity to listen to advice and the flexibility to adapt his way of working, raising his level to the highest standards.
It was the start of my international collaboration with a group of young dentists and dental technicians from Brasil with the idea to exchange ideas , become better dentists and more importantly sharing friendship.
They were and are setting the standard in modern clinically oriented and research based dentistry.
Meanwhile , Gustavo became a star , not only in Brasil , but also worldwide. And it is just a beginning.
I am sure that his online platform with the online practical courses and his willingness to share his clinical experience and his tips and tricks will allow many clinicians to improve the level of their clinical skills. 

Good Luck Guto! "
Foto de Iolanda Flores Sorrindo
Dr. Christian Coachman
Cro-sp 81093

“With great pleasure and pride, I followed Gustavo's international career closely as a clinician and communicator.
His dedication to dentistry, manual skill and charisma form a powerful combination that could only result in quality and success.
Today I can say, with great certainty, that he is part of the select group of great names in the international circuit of speakers on Periodontics ”
Foto de Ariane Silva Sorrindo
Dr. Florin Cofar

"No doubt, one of the best surgeons in the world.
An immense ammount of talent, working very clean, delicate and precise.
It should be on the bucket list of any dentist to see at least one time the Giordani brothers working.
The synnergy between the two is at a level of coreography.
It’s another level."
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Dr. Victor Clavijo
Cro-sp 79837

This will surely be your reaction when finishing his course.
For lovers of perio-implant-prosthesis interaction, this course will bring clinical protocols that will guide your clinical plannings and decisions.
Guto combines digital innovation with all his international baggage and solid base with all his clinical knowledge from years of intense work in a dental chair.
An exact balance of science, clinic and charisma.
Have a nice trip in this new project, i’m sure it will be amazing!"
Foto de Roseane Soares Sorrindo
Dr. Thiago Ottoboni
Cro-sc 10387

“Gustavo Giordani, in my opinion, is the greatest surgeon in the world!
In addition to being a spectacular clinician, I see him as an incredible teacher who knows how to transmit knowledge in a simple and replicable way!
An example of it is the training he did to my brother Gustavo Ottoboni, where I noticed in each teaching an incredible transformation!
This Online project for sure will be a milestone in his career and for all students who participate in this course!
I don't even have to say that I recommend it, right?”

Partner companies that are with me in my day to day and also in this project.

Use and Recommend.

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